Moving Home: Part 2

14 November 2013 § 1 Comment

Untitled5Well since I’ve moved my physical stuff, I figured it was about time that I moved my internet stuff too. As with actual house moving, this is proving a bit of an education. And again, as with trying to organise my house, work just keeps getting in the way. Turns out 40 hours is all my daylight hours five days a week. Plus, my poor eyes have had quite a stressful experience of it – what with going from 4 months playing in Europe to actually having to sit working at a screen. That said, I’m getting there.

I also spent a month without the internet. I currently have rather a lot of written – unedited blog posts to present. When life gets stressful I write.

So… the link or click the banner (do you like my new banner?).

As you might have guessed there will also be a – but that’s also getting there…

Half-Way Up and Laughing

26 October 2013 § 1 Comment

A cycling disaster

So half way up an awkward bend in the cycle path, I fell off Arisnoe (my newer bicycle) and straight into a patch of nettles. It was my own fault. I was busy day dreaming about how amazing I am and totally forgot the importance of gear changing on a hill approach. Stupid girl too busy in her own head. What was worse, is although I had already unhooked my feet from the pedals (in case of emergency stops for pedestrians too busy staring at their phone screens to see a fluorescent yellow girl hurtling towards them), somehow, quite unfairly, my right foot managed to hook back in mid fall.

As far as I can work out, there’s only one way to peel yourself out of a nettle patch– quickly. Since I was on a rather steep slope, at the wrong end of the gears, with about 3 metres to go, I did an awkward straddle walk to the top – praying that I wasn’t going to cry the whole way home.

At which point the handsome young man, who I often pass and am in the habit of saying ‘good morning/evening’ to, turned the corner. He must have wondered at me, laughing to myself at my misfortune, nettle leaves trapped in the wires on my handle bars. He asked if I was ok. I babbled a bit, inelegantly clambering back onto Arisnoe and wished him good day.

I carried on. Cycling all the harder due to the stinging sensation in my right arse cheek.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Hovel or house hunting.

24 September 2013 § 1 Comment


The Boyfriend calls my new house The Hovel. As the Tall Aunty keeps reminding me, I’m too lucky to actually know what a hovel is like, but my tiny little house is certainly not it.

The goat in the picture is unfortunately made up. It’s a no pets allowed hovel. And I didn’t actually catch it in a net, I just hunted around the internet.

Actually the door isn’t red either…

This work thing has jumbled my brain cells. Any moving into new home tips always appreciated…

I am at work.

23 September 2013 § Leave a comment

I am at work.

This is remarkable, because the idea of work terrifies me. I’m not scared that I won’t enjoy it. I like new things, I like learning new skills. I might eventually become bored, which is inevitable if my environment doesn’t change and what I’m doing becomes repetitive, but boredom is some time away yet.

I am scared of  work taking control of my priorities.

I am scared of incompetent people and empty time.

I am scared of compromising and letting go.

I am scared of being tired.

I am scared of the time drain.

However, work begins now. I can no longer avoid my fears.

‘Loner with a Boner’ and other songs The Mother sings

22 September 2013 § 1 Comment


During the Mother’s work hours (considerably more than the average person) she is a sensible looking person. Wearing her shiny new glasses, a jacket, a pretty top and a pair of trousers (unless either the Midget or I have given her a lift to work in which case a skirt or dress) she looks the part of someone who files paper and thinks that only having 206 emails in need action is a state of success.

The Mother’s attitude to work would make a bee look lazy. This does however have its disadvantages.

1. Besides her, always feel lazy and lethargic.

2. When attempting to walk beside her, I have to jog every few steps.

3. She’s so super focused on what she’s doing that sometimes she’s scary, really really grumpy, or missing what you wanted her to take notice of.

However, when the Mother is in a free-from-work mood, she does take on an entirely different personality. In such situations she  sings and dances. Yes my mother has educated some of my dear friends with her favourite 80′s dance moves.

Her current favourite song to sing has a rather interesting set of lyrics. The song is ‘Loner with a Boner’ by Perry Manning and the Seadogs.

Cycling, or not….

21 September 2013 § Leave a comment

Me (in pink) cycling with the boyfriend (in red).

Me (in pink) cycling with the boyfriend (in red).

Walking up a hill in cycling shoes is a bad idea. If you’ve never seen a pair of cycling shoes, they’re rigid, plastic and have a wedge beneath the ball of your foot, which when cycling slots into the pedal. When walking the effect is more like wearing a pair of heels back to front. Walking up a hill in heels is bad enough, but back to front heels…

Any sensible person would raise their eyebrows and ask why then, was I, at some point this evening, climbing a hill in cycling shoes. There are a number of contributing factors.

1. The hill was really really big and really really steep.

2. My legs were already shaky and tired at the bottom of the hill.

3. I was supposed to be cycling.

It’s also reasonable to ask why I was attempting to cycle up a massive monster of a mountain. I blame my lack of asserting my need for a ride that I could complete to the boyfriend. My lack of investigating the planned route, I blindly cycled where I was told (no chance of being allowed to follow and have a windbreak). No, re-think that. It’s all the Boyfriend’s fault.

Some crazily useful standards used in health care

19 September 2013 § Leave a comment

CEN/TC251 Concurrent Use Initiative

CEN/TC251 Concurrent Use Initiative


Diagram as pdf.

I’ve been putting my creative talents and artistic skills to good use. In other words, I’ve been sat curled up on the sofa drawing doodles on my new shiny Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. In this case, the star of the video is The Nanna (that’s her in the purple). However, this video is an extra special video. I created it for use by an organisation called CEN, which stands for Comité Européen de Normalisation, or in the less pretty English, the European Committee for Standardization.

All sounds very posh doesn’t it. The point is that standards are important. Sometimes rules are necessary. It helps to know that when I move house (next week) the new house will have the same type of electricity plug as I do at home. Or that I don’t need to bother taking my phone charger to the boyfriend’s house, because our phones both use a standard connection. It’s particularly important that we use standards in things like health care. I don’t want someone to inadvertently damage me because  my needs got lost in a dangerous game of Chinese whispers.

So here are three helpful health informatics standards, in happenence-style doodle form, narrated by yours truly.


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